Children’s Ministry Staff

Children’s Ministry Staff

Position: Part-time (up to 6 hours per week) with yearly review.

Reports to: Director of Children’s Ministry

Job Summary: Care of children, ages 6 weeks – 5th grade, during Sunday morning programming, evening programming, and/or during extra church events when called upon. All of these ages are split into different rooms.

Qualifications: Applicant must have experience working with children in a nursery and/or children’s setting, or any equivalent combination of education and/or experience that would enable an individual to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position. Applicant must also pass a background check and complete Safe Sanctuary training.


  1. Ensure the physical and emotional safety of all children left in their care by following all Safe Sanctuary guidelines.
  2. Arrive 30-minutes before service/event begins to prepare the space to receive children and stay until all children are dismissed.
  3. Serve alongside volunteers and teach children the Bible story of the day and lead children through developmentally appropriate activities provided by Children’s Ministry staff.
  4. Be responsible for all restroom needs, including changing diapers in necessary age levels.
  5. Ensure all children are safely returned to their correct parent/guardian.
  6. Make certain the nurseries and children’s rooms are kept clean.
  7. Other tasks as needed.

Measurable Criteria:

  1. Ability to perform duties in a timely manner.
  2. Ability to work with the Director of Children’s Ministry, church staff, pastors, Children’s Ministry volunteers, parents, and children.
  3. Success stories.
  4. Yearly review.

Education and Experience:  This position requires a strong spiritual background; a genuine love of children and families; and commitment to the church and to the ministry of the church.  The candidate must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character.

Interested parties should forward a complete application packet to Laura Geloni – lgeloni@covenantgreer.org. It should include the following:

  1. Cover letter with general background information, family, community involvement, and hobbies
  2. Current resume
  3. List of 3 references